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In playing baseball there are only two obvious types of bats whose difference is their size in length. The two bats are softball bats and baseball bats. Baseball bats are33 inches in size while softball bats are 34 inches in size. For softball bats they can be categorized into two depending on the different materials they are composed of. The one-piece softball bat is designed and made of one material, the handle and the barrel. The second type of softball bat is the two-piece softball bat that is composed of two different materials. The handle is made of a different material and the barrel made of a separate material. The reason why a bat is made of two materials is because it reduces the trampoline effect on the barrel. The trampoline effect occurs when there is reduced friction on the barrel and when it hits the ball it may break it rather than springing it. Trampoline effect can also cause movement waves for the ball which reduces the distance it covers when an equally amount of force is applied using a two piece softball bat. Read more great facts on fastpitch softball bats, click here. 


There are critical factors to consider when purchasing a suitable softball bat for you. The three main factors to consider are the length of the bat, weight and the drop of the bat. The very same way you find the right pair of trousers or shoes that fix you, so is a bat. There are a number of ways of finding out which one is suitable, the first is by holding the bat at the center of your chest and hold the bat in an upright manner.  The best bat is the one that touches your figure tips. The second way is by standing next to the bat when holding it vertically, if it is above your mid-hip it is fine for you. Finally you can find a bat by placing the knob of the bat against the center of your chest, try to stretch out to get hold of the barrel and if it's possible then that is a suitable bat for your height.   For more useful reference regarding asa softball bats, have a  peek here. 


Another factor to have in mind is the weight of the bat. If you are a masculine person you can easily swig a heavier bat. Choose a bat that you can swing without straining. a way to test yourself how well you can handle the weight is by extending your hand straight at the chest level for 30 seconds. If this time erases without dropping it you should be able to swing the bat comfortably. Please view this site  for further details.